A heightened pulse through constricted veins and capillaries, that moment just before the pumping muscle arrests, that’s where the world teeters today.  The tide of change befuddles the wildest imagination.  The happenings of the last thirty years have culminated to a veritable pandemonium.  Embers from the Great War smoldered through the Cold war, through ideological and sectarian revolutions in every corner of the world, displacing millions.  The hydra of war spawned countless new heads, seethed with a phantom hatred for anything other than its own ravenous appetite for myopic survival.  Judging our kin with preconceived notions, we near a calamitous disposition faster than we realize.  Waiting for that one last straw.  Yet we keep cutting off heads instead of turning them to stone.


You leaving left such a void in me

Like I had fallen into a well

Five years it has taken me to reclaim my soul from that darkness

A million steps back and then lift-offs to places beyond my imagination.

I have often wondered if this was good

If it was right that we went our separate ways

I do not know the answer to that

But I know that we are more because of each other.

To you, my love.

My eternal tribute.



Something quite apparent that’s been largely denied, resisted and unacknowledged would make Albert Einstein a happy man were he alive today.  As him and many of his like-minded contemporaries once wished, globalism has made sovereign borders obsolete.  Perhaps not in the way they had envisioned and most certainly not yet completely realized, modern society transcends space and time more and more each day.  Its seeds were sown long before the internet and Dr. Einstein’s wishful thinking, when the first immigrant migrated to a foreign land.  Fantasize for a moment and picture this:

When the lone wolf settled in a faraway land, it brought with it its habits, its culture and practices.  It brought fond memories, the fondest of which took root in the strange place that would become home.  From those seeds apple trees grew in places where apples had never been.  They were these ruby-red fruits the people of that foreign land had never seen.  It called to them, attracting locals to the tree – to the shiny reds among its branches and leaves.  With just that first look-see the world got smaller.  With the first bite, time and space warped and defied a path nature intended – of not growing apple trees where they were now a much beloved invasive species.  Though, another perspective would suggest that it was exactly what nature intended.  To operate in space and time, the universe cannot be linear; without a binary dynamic, aberrations, deviations and mutations.  Without the migrating lone wolf and apple trees in unforeseen lands the universe would stop moving.  Entropy as a law of physics and a philosophy of chaotic ascension would cease to exist.  If it were as nature intended, it would undo itself.  There would be no cause or effect, no action or reaction; everything would become the same.  An ashy nothing with no meaning.

Dr. Einstein and his friends had hoped that world leaders would accept their consensus and agreeably transition to a world without international borders, with a collective governmental enterprise to ensure global security and social welfare.  Of course, he saw this truth to be self-evident as much in the principles of physics as in a proper way of life.  Such prescience can hardly be expected of the world in general.  Over the decades after his passing, this manipulation of space and time has passed obvious and borders on redundant.  Advancements in science now defy reality, making colonizing Mars with 3-d printed homes the vanguard of 21st century real-estate development and urban planning rather than science fiction.  Yet most of humanity remains oblivious to its true potential; agreeable to a linear assembly-line life in a dynamic playing field, accustomed to habits it fears losing and afraid of apple trees from foreign lands.  For society to come full circle and be on the same footing regardless of individual circumstances, world governments would have to dissolve sovereign borders and create one global enterprise with the specific ministerial responsibilities of individual and institutional welfare and security.  If ‘the interest of all and of harm to none’ becomes the unitary goal towards which humanity strives, with the consolidated guidance of all our progresses thus far, what a world we’d herald.


You cannot sweep hate under the rug; it bubbles up.

Like a noxious fume from beneath the crust of ignorance.

You cannot politically correct or constitutionally protect hate; it unravels.

In time, like a house of cards ignited by tiki torches from the garden store.

But you can turn it to stone with habits and conditions that freeze its bone.

And the poison produced within.



Chaos in this world has reached new heights.  Our mended fractures have broken again.  We see a world divided.  Like a man taken apart organ by organ and each organ then willed to live on its own; how can the heart feed itself?  Each of us think of ourselves as different from another much more than we see ourselves in others – though they both hold equally true.  So obviously a reactive disparity will exist in a paradigm where we define ourselves by only our differences.  An unequal competitive mindset where only a certain kind of ‘fittest’ survive.  Nature does not work that way.  Universal laws balance life and death equally in an endless cycle rather than the finite linear race current society perceives.

Question Wanting

Complacency and apathy can be tantamount to torturous cruelty.  Neglect can amount to abandonment of the worst kind – one of a deceptive presence for the sake of possession, not duty nor love.  A veneer for the world to sense, an outward civility that covers the savage living within.  Many live this way.  It reflects in their words and actions; in their chronic nonchalance about anything other than their most immediate desires.  Desire – yearning to possess – forms the nucleus around which selfishness revolves.  Into an ominous oblivion, blissfully unaware of greed and the nature of consequences.

Selfishness that breeds isolation, fear and unattainable ambitions.  Human beings thus egocentric never reach their full potential because they invest all their focus on their immediate material possessions; to some extent they even see their relationships as social possessions that require control, albeit against nature.  Only human beings this flagrantly challenge intelligent design.  We create societies and laws so abhorrent to universal law that they only operate to dissolve the very things they were formed to protect.  Then suddenly apathy becomes the pandemic.   Do; question the need for desire.

Human Duty

All things have free will to the extent nature intends; as atomic particles combine over time and organisms grow more complex, their power to control that will defies nature for the sake of self-preservation.  We call this instinct.  Evolution occurs in this see-saw between nature’s gross brutality and an entropic atomic will struggling to break free.  For the sake of immortality – survival in some form or another; in the natural world, the survival of a species, and more specifically, survival of individual genetic designs.  This is why animals mate and plants bear fruit. Once physicality stabilizes, ethereal free will struggles again to reach out beyond instinct.  Here creatures become social; they use their sensibilities to convey intent – at first, simple messages.  Communications and gestures that create societies – murders of crows, parliaments of owls, schools of dolphins, flocks of sheep, packs of wolves, all the way to nations of us.

Though, evolutionarily, to our knowledge, we are the only social animals who realize the transcendence of space and time – this separates us from the rest.  This capacity to realize gives us a practical understanding of fundamental universal laws that we then harness to reach closer to absolute free will, away from gross matter.  Most truly shown through human history, in its collective philosophies that independently fortify virtually identical cosmic faiths through various practices.  From language to libraries, in paper and bricks once; now, through media – in electric zeros and ones in a computer.

A time-defying conveyance of unitary consciousness that goes far beyond survival to the redemptive and burdensome place of responsibility.  We know too much and collectively understand enough to realize our full potential.  To understand our instincts and go as far as restraining instinct to self-preserve on a level more fundamental than material.

Of the chaotic tandem of cosmic chance and material rigidity that creates attractions between atoms and all they combine to become.  A complementary and supplementary dynamic that creates everything from children to oxygen.

With no expectations, nor standards. Beyond possession.