Question Wanting

Complacency and apathy can be tantamount to torturous cruelty.  Neglect can amount to abandonment of the worst kind – one of a deceptive presence for the sake of possession, not duty nor love.  A veneer for the world to sense, an outward civility that covers the savage living within.  Many live this way.  It reflects in their words and actions; in their chronic nonchalance about anything other than their most immediate desires.  Desire – yearning to possess – forms the nucleus around which selfishness revolves.  Into an ominous oblivion, blissfully unaware of greed and the nature of consequences.

Selfishness that breeds isolation, fear and unattainable ambitions.  Human beings thus egocentric never reach their full potential because they invest all their focus on their immediate material possessions; to some extent they even see their relationships as social possessions that require control, albeit against nature.  Only human beings this flagrantly challenge intelligent design.  We create societies and laws so abhorrent to universal law that they only operate to dissolve the very things they were formed to protect.  Then suddenly apathy becomes the pandemic.   Do; question the need for desire.

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