What about the cancer of the mind?  Not the brain; the mind.  The place beyond space and time; each a universe of its own, whizzing by and colliding with one another.  What about that cancer that invades the peace of millions by a few strokes of a few pens? Awakening the demons within humanity, that swarm like gnats to rotting flesh.

Let them not onto your wounds. Let the hatred not spread from their viral wings to your dreams.  Heal yourself.  Support your sister; love your brother – help a stranger.  Do not let your fear of inequity deprive others of their natural right to be free. We are all born equal; equality isn’t a right – it’s the universal playing field from which stars leap onto the skies.

Find yourself in this vastness.  Learn about yourself, your family and friends.  And a few strangers; reach into their worlds and see through their eyes, and then your own.  Walk in their shoes to fully appreciate the tandem nature of actions and their consequences.  Of your actions and their consequences.  Karma isn’t a bitch; she’s your gentle shepherd, for your salvation.


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