Reason creates a sense of purpose.  Without it only instinct remains.  The ability to reason, to ask why and ponder how; to recognize and harness the nature of consequences – this separates human beings from other earthly creatures.  With this tremendous power to discern comes the enormous responsibility to understand it.  Because without understanding power becomes chaos; a child with a box of matches on a bed of dry leaves.  Or a gun in the wrong hands.

Humanity has evolved to a point where we have an individual as well as collective capacity to existentially observe and functionally embody a balance between reason and instinct.  It clarifies our purpose, our reason to live in an orderly world both as individuals and as a collective enterprise – among the universe’s most intelligent creations.  One that lives in the ocean of cause and effect; where, sharpened by reason, our instinctive choices shape purposeful lives.

Not just for ourselves but also our families, friends, pets; the plants we cherish through our windows and the destitute to whom we bring food.  The choices we make, the causalities we create through these choices, and its effects that ripple into space and time all impact the environment we share with countless other life-forms.  And because we can realize this, because we can fathom the full majesty of creation, we have a responsibility to understand before we act.

The next decade will bring monumental changes to the world to which we have grown complacently accustomed.  New problems will arrive on chassis of old habits.  Pain and suffering will surmount and consequences of unexamined actions will tear us apart, tugging on instincts to self-preserve.  But we must find the reasons behind these challenges and purposefully sacrifice isolationist preservation for the sake a more perfect Union.


Of many, One.


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