The Branch of Terror


Terror, terror everywhere; on every mouth, in every stare;

Drummers droning, bleeding hide; sowing scare to dare.

Lies and liars fires strike; burning bridges, turning spike;

Trappers trapped in mirror’s light, throwing glaring flare.

Mirror, mirror on the ball, spinning round until they fall;

Coward playing cowered slight; widening its tear.

Dreamers to their teamers cry; freshened scars do not lie;

Pleading peace with every try, mumming humble prayer.

Terror, terror on my mind; behind my eyes, it’s all I find.

Suffocating soulful light, my quill and paper’s tugging fight.

Mothers, brothers, fathers chide; before going, time’s a snide.

Nightmares, their memories hide; a hollow where they cared.

Terrorists with mirror balls, breathing fear in teething halls.

Sitting on their heightened perch, cutting down their chair.

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