No Hurry

Sooner or later everyone’ll have something you’ll love and something you’ll hate; you’ll judge what you hate and covet what you’ll make.  Sooner or later you’ll be shackled onto that weighing scale – good, bad and rigged.  But it’s only if you put all your eggs in soon and late.  And only if you desire to possess with love and hate – pass judgment and become a hypocrite.  If you don’t believe in good and bad, in right and wrong; if you find baskets, or boxes, or find a way to do without eggs and have beans instead – life would be filled with joy and be a place of limitless bliss.  Simply put, ask yourself why you have to follow the status quo just because people say.  Ask yourself, why everyday everyone pulls and pushes you towards what they need you to be – and why and to what extent you extend.  Then ask yourself why you don’t extend further, but only as yourself.  In your own way, beyond someone else’s imagination – even if for just one moment of their long day.  If there’s no soon, there’s no late; if there’s no evil, no good prevails.  Only things that remain ever-changing and ever the same – a fleeting soul.