An illustrious life is thwart with calamities and disasters – misadventures and mistakes.  Joyful moments and painful hours all congeal inside the mind.  But for some, something happens when all the excrement reaches the library of brains – it fertilizes the seeds of curiosity.  New ideas blossom from this tree.

But this life withers quickly – its mortal form defeated by its upstream evolution, and its devotion suited to universal need, it retains the memory of existence through a clandestine omniscience. Our guardian angels in all plains, our unexplainable moments – and the fairies in our dreams.


A sheltered life cowers under the weight of desire – nepotisms and non sequiturs.  Pain and suffering overcome such beings despite all material things, all comforts, and all belongings.  For most of such sad fortune, nothing can ever satiate, nor create happiness out of spinning money, power and games.

Too much of anything burns a hole into the fabric of unknowns and predestinations.  While too much sugar causes diabetes, none of it makes life indescribably boring.  So the shaded existence expects too much, including the sun and the moon, its light and even the darkness of the night – and chaos overcomes them.


A life of deceit has a veneer of peace – Betrayals and duplicities. No emotion dominates but a blinding selfish desire.  It consumes even itself, cutting off its own air supply because of near-sighted flare.  In colors of love and law, it menacingly dances atop mass graves of conquests, ruthlessly massacred.

For such souls only devolution exists.  A constant incremental decline into the nearest black-hole, only to be rediscovered on the other end – in pieces, yet still retaining conscious memory of misdeeds like a maggot trapped under its skin.  It festers, explodes and implodes, and eternally eats itself.

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