God Exists


I have utmost reverence for science – I am absolutely convinced science has brought humanity closer to enlightenment. I also have utmost faith in the existence of God. I am absolutely convinced that how I define God exists as much as we exist and does not exist only if we accept we do not exist.

These two parallel ideologies coexisted quite peacefully in my mind until last week when I heard Dr. Stephen Hawking said there is no God because science offers a more convincing evidence of existence. Then it occurred to me that Dr. Hawking commented on God as an entity – much like everyone else.

Except, God is not an entity as we have misunderstood the meaning from the very beginning. God, much like every other immortal thing, is an idea. God is the idea of universal oneness. So even if science offers the most convincing evidence of existence, it would only prove that God exists.

And here’s why. In Dr. Hawking’s own words, we are all star-dust. Not just humanity and nature – everything in the universe essentially boils down to the periodic table in various combinations, in various temperatures, serving different purposes, but uniformly existing throughout the universe.

Even the newly-discovered Higgs Boson is a particle of matter that exists – albeit an anomaly – within the mass (and non-mass) of the universal system. Unless we theorize about multi-verses – and some day we may discover just that – where different elements govern existence, the oneness that means oxygen is oxygen no matter where it resides in the universe is the idea of God’s omnipresence.

Science came into existence because of humanity’s curiosity and necessity. Humanity came into existence after billions of years of the scientific process – incidentally nature’s process – of trial and error (survival of the fittest; mutation; evolution). Applying the principle of entropy, humanity – and thereby the practice of science – amounts to an apex in the universe’s disposition; we have come full circle. We employ the very method that inadvertently – or as I would say it, through the idea of God’s design – created us to question the fact of everything that was, is, will be, has ever happened, is happening or will ever happen. That hubris is the idea of God’s omnipotence.

So, just as a tree can never grow bigger than the earth holding its roots without falling over, nor stronger than the wind blowing its leaves in a storm, science can never explain away the idea of God. Science aids in the understanding of the majesty of God (the comprehensive matrix of everything).  And the fact that it sheds light on the very thing that created it is the idea of God’s omniscience.

See, I cannot deny what I have learned from Dr. Hawking; doing so would be unevolved and ignorant of me. But I also refuse to accept that God does not exist simply because science offers a more convincing alternative, or because we have misunderstood the meaning of God since we began building our tower of Babel – yes, God as an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient entity does not exist. He never did. But God as an idea of the oneness of everything in the universe has to exist at least as long as the universe.


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  1. I agree, it all depends upon one’s definition of God; and there are probably as many definitions as there are persons who believe.

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