I am: An autobiography

2008 2


A first-born son

A first-born grandson

A gay boy

A left-handed boy

A dyslexic boy

A singer

A painter

A writer

An older brother

A victim of physical abuse

A victim of mental abuse

A victim of sexual abuse

A broken child

A malaria survivor – twice

My mother

My father

An immigrant

A volunteer

A bank teller

A sales associate

A janitor

A manager

A barkeep

A librarian

An alcoholic

An addict

A dancer

A hopeless romantic

An abuser

A rape victim

An architecture student

A history student

A law student

A historian

A lawyer

A cook

A teacher

A builder

A preacher

A dungeon master

A gardener

A speaker

A thinker

A champion

Once a homeowner

A business owner

An author

A physically sick man

A mentally traumatized man

A priest

A dog lover

I am all these things equally, every day of my life.

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