Spiders and geckos, and sweet mango pickles;

Roses and lilies, and buses with ruffles;

Lights at odd times, and sounds of all things;

This is the wondrous place of my dreams.

Elephants training and bulls guarding temples,

Weavers of all kinds, and all of their thimbles;

Rivers that rumble, and mountainous streams;

This is the wondrous place of my dreams.

When it cyclones, when it monsoons;

I remember these: clouds will soon disappear,

A sunshine is always near, glimmering through the trees.

2 thoughts on “Ratna

    1. So awesome that you correctly identified the tempo of the song. I was humming ‘Raindrops on roses’ as a gecko crawled up my wall, next to the spider-web; so I took a chance.

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