On Earth


I am from earth.

I was born to India and raised by America.

I was born in India and raised in America.

I am from earth.

I live and breathe.

Sometimes I think – most times I don’t.

Other times my pendulum mid-swings.

In a place between time and space.

I live and breathe.

Some same mistakes I repeat.

From others I learn something new.

How to be, not to be; want more or need few.

Here on earth, on my two feet.

I live and breathe.

2 thoughts on “On Earth

  1. I like this. It is simple but with much meaning. However, I beg to differ with one comment you make – “Sometimes I think – most times I don’t”.
    Knowing you, you are always thinking. I have never seen you when you weren’t pondering something.

    1. Hey! I’m glad you like it! Sadly, I do have the ‘thinking disease.’ Thankfully, ‘sometimes’ and ‘most times’ are relative. Good to hear from you!

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