Chant Peace


I ask myself why

Barbarity has passed the sky

At first I find no answer

Only body of a young dancer.

I ask myself why

A soldier would kill a child

I am always confounded

No reason I feel is rounded.

Then I look within myself

At my anger, rage and hate

And in the midst of these

I find the killer of peace.

But I refuse to let this be

My legacy is hatred, I see

So I begin chanting peace

Under my breath, into the breeze.

I ask myself why

My brother, my sister, your child.

Ask yourself.

4 thoughts on “Chant Peace

  1. Alas! An age-old lament that resurfaces in every generation. There is no answer except that such hatred is genetically wired in us as Homo sapiens.

        1. You have a good point. But I feel that peace is a more intellectual concept; if we call ourselves ‘evolved’ and ‘civilized’ it should logically follow that we also prefer peace to war. Interestingly, we don’t; so it must be that we are neither evolved nor civilized. Right?

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