If you ask me where I am from, you must love long stories – I do not have one answer; I do not know how I can begin finding that answer. I am cursed, I feel sometimes. Just as soon as I call a place home, circumstances force me to leave it behind. I should feel nothing after my umpteenth relocation; but I do.

I am just as bewildered every time. I recreate my sense of belonging – like a chameleon, I change my colors to escape something and become something else. Each time I am left with an emptiness in place of my answer to the ‘where am I from’ question – nowhere, everywhere, somewhere, anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Where?

  1. But you are a unique person in that when you do relocate, you take with you all the experiences and friendships you have absorbed from that location. And as a result, you are a better person because of it. My remorse is in the fact that I am one of the friends that misses you.

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