In Memory

Of Children

A blight of madness has afflicted humanity. Everywhere I look innocents lie dead – and the world trots along, enamored by shiny things and an unprecedented thirst for power. I wish there was a way I could detach myself from the human race – say I do not belong to this heinous, selfish species of monkeys.

Over and over again we have learned, an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind – over and over again, we ignore this basic message. We are consumed with control and the size of our collective ego rivals the breadth of this universe. We have become selfish, self-serving and self-involved.

We choose this detrimental existence – even when we do not, we remain complacent to atrocities that should never go unpunished. We have no regard for the feelings of others, nor a general wellbeing. We only love ourselves – so much that we turn our heads in the face of another’s suffering; we walk away.

How can we become all that we hope to be if we cut down the fodder that feeds our existence? How can we imagine a future without our children? To what end will this world come when all that is left is one man with one eye and a gun? Why do we allow this to happen over and over again?

I do not understand.

4 thoughts on “In Memory

    1. We are again consumed in war and destruction. Most of my life has been spent in a world riddled with this plague of hatred. It is sad and heart-breaking.

  1. True. If one lives the normal life expectancy of a human, they will experience (or at least hear of) a “plague of hatred” somewhere.

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