Picture 348

Is a friend someone who simply doesn’t want you harm? Or is he more than that duty of nonfeasance? How far does the meaning of that word extend? It’s ambiguous, the burden of this relationship of trust. But it’s not just that word – a great cloud now obscures all things.

I have only recently realized this subjectivity of life. The fractures between meanings of words reduce down to how selfish of an existence we have created. Meanings do not matter; each word means a very different thing to each one of us. For better or worse, disunited understandings now thrive.


Times Square

It makes you feel wanted. Like someone like you once walked here; like you were here – but not wholly as you. In the midst of this great city sits an oasis, bordered with museums holding the greatest art that has ever existed in human history. Break dancers, cripple beggars and girls in tiaras sit side by side on the M train, leaving Forest Hills for Midtown, where trains run beneath your feet.

This is New York.