The human condition has evolved from a communal mindset to one that is entirely self-serving.  It is a nihilistic disposition.  Human beings rarely do the right thing – or the instinctive thing, or the logical thing – human beings now generally do their own thing.

It is for this reason that society has been ridden with prohibitive laws, restrictions and regulations – the human mind has gotten lost within the vastness of its own limitless imagination.

Movements of enlightenment enabled this process, but to blame such movements would be tantamount to blaming knowledge for the abuse of power – the human condition governs the use of knowledge and the temperance of power.


There is a part of me that is pitch black, where shadows do not exist.  There is a place where light bends, an ominous and undeniable gravity.  There are secrets hidden in the heart of this darkness; stories untold.  These are the tales of my glory, my dreamiest psychedelic spools.

Written Nov. 16, 2013

Invisibility Cloak

A question loomed over my head last night, while I tossed in my bed – can I transfer my consciousness into another being or thing, so when this organic form can no longer withstand my rambunctiousness, another takes over, in continuum?

This morning I woke up wondering whether I am the best me.

Perhaps how you see me is my better portrait, of what I am to this world; not to myself, not from my eyes, but yours.

What am I, then, if not a transient reflection of you, and you of me?

Why, then, do I desire a stagnant, unnatural self-preservation?

Only invisible things are immortal.

Written on Dec. 11, 2013

Chapter I – Trinity

Vishnu and Shiv ruled; matter and antimatter, positive and negative, before earth, before the Cambrian explosion.

To avoid nonexistence, Vishnu transformed, becoming the primal feminine garden of life, Párvati.  She then accepted Shiv’s consortium; light emanated throughout everything and the universe unfolded.

The two converged into one another, unifying every part of one another; from this cosmic dance bloomed the Divine Lotus.  Brahma, the universal creator, sat atop the flower; it corded to Vishnu’s naval.




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